Welcome to GamerzStory


The ID = DennielsMS                                                                               Password = 123  

Hey all and welcome to the GamerzStory website, You can download our client at the Download page and our BETA rates are:

Exp  : 500x
Meso: 100x
Drop: 40x

GamerzStory Includes:
- Stable v75 server with very little lag, high up-time, active staff for server issues
- Skill Maxer, warper, player commands
- Daily Events like Jump Quests, NX slimes, Hide and Seek, and more!
- Custom made items coming soon!
- Custom made NPC's
- Active forum
- Very nice GM's and hard-working staff
- Cooperative community, Player and Donor system


IF YOU REGISTER! please remember that the register on the sidebar, that is a FORUM ACCOUNT!, to register a ingame account, go to the registration tab!

Good luck and Enjoy your stay in the game! 

Best regards,

The GamerzStory Staff


The game client 1.1 is now online. Go to the downloads page on this site and download client 1.1. Under the v.75 downloads.

Have fun,

The GamerzStory Staff